The Party

Name ශ්‍රී ලංකා මහජන පක්ෂය
இலங்கை மக்கள் கட்சியின் கட்சி
Sri Lanka Mahajana Party
Leader Asanka Navarathne
President Alfred Ramanayake
Secretary-General Asanka Navarathne
Founded 1984.01.22
Headquarters 25, Linkwood Place,
Wehera, Kurunegala
Sri Lanka
Trade Union Sri Lanka Mahajana Trade Union Federation
National Affiliations United People's Freedom Alliance,
Socialist Alliance,
People's Alliance
The Party Emblem logo
The Party Color - Purple logo
The Election Symbol - Eye logo
The Party Song
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SLMP History

Founded in 1984 by Vijaya Kumaranatunga, it was led by him until his assassination in 1988. After 1988 the party leader was Chandrika Kumaranatunga for a short time.

The Party support the Provincial council act and they contest against the UNP in first election in 1988. After the Provincial Council Election 87 Provincial Council Members Elected the Councils through the Party. Ossie Abeygunasekara (WP), Ranjith Navarathne (NWP), Shantha Premarathne (NCP), Sarath Kongahage (CP) can get the Opposition Leaderships of their Councils. After that Ossie Abeygunasekara was the leader until his crossed over to the UNP in 1993.

The party lost 117 Leading members during the revolution in 1988-1989. The Party Leader Vijaya Kumarathunga, The Patron Pohoddaramulle Pemaloka thero, T.B. Wijesuriya, Deva bandara Senarathne were with them. Ossie Abeyagoonasekera contested the Presidential election in 1989 under the party symbol of "eye". He got 235,719(4.63%) votes through the Election and placed 3.

Sri Lanka Mahajana Party, Communist Party Of Sri Lanka, Lanka sama samaja Party and Nawa sama samaja Party joined the United Socialist Alliance and contested the General Election in 1989. They Can got 160,271 (2.86%)votes and 3 seats with a National List. After the ossie abeygunasekara joined UNP silva took the Leadership of the Party.he did his well at that moment.

In 1993 Under the Sirimavo Bandaranayakes Leadership Sri Lanka Mahajana Party joined the Peoples Alliance. Ranjith Navarathne as the President of the Party signed the MOU of PA with Sirimavo Bandaranayake(SLFP), K.P. Silva (CP), Peter Kennamon (LSSP)and Nihal Perera(DVJP).

The PA can won the 1994 Presidential election after 17 years. Chandrika Bandranayake became a president of Sri Lanka. In the general Election Helding the Same year Bharatha Luxman Premachandra(Colombo District) and Silva(National List) Represent the Parliament. The Deputy Minister of Foods post gave to Y.P. De Silva.

After Silva's death Ranjith Navarathne got the Leadership of the Party in 1997. He did very well during his Leadership.

In 2000 General Election Ranjith Navarathne represented the Parliament through the Party for Kurunegala District. He signed the MOU of United People's Freedom Alliance in 2004. He died on 1st of May 2013.

At the last legislative elections, 2 April 2004, the party was part of the United People's Freedom Alliance that won 45.6% of the popular vote and 105 out of 225 seats.

Our Leaders

Vijaya Kumaranatunga

T. B. Ilangaratne
First President

Ossie Abeygunasekara
Former Leader

Y.P. De Silva
Former Leader

Dr. Ranjith Navarathne
Former Leader